Oh Sanna!

Sanna Annukka Marimekko
Some of the products that Sanna has designed for Marimekko

I’ve been a fan of Marimekko for a while, but I hadn’t quite twigged that one of their designers was Sanna Annukka. There was a post about her on print and pattern today, which showed some biscuit tins she had designed for M and S. Now there’s a good thing if ever I heard it. Biscuits from M and S and a wonderful bit of packaging to boot. I looked up her website, and, to coin a phrase from my friend, it kinda made me cry a little bit, it was so wonderful! There was just something about it that encouraged me, and made me feel that I could have a go at doing some illustrations too.

Here’s a colour pic as well, because I seem to have gone a bit overboard on the black and white lately! These notebooks are from nineteenseventythree, who I remember to be very friendly people, as they sent me a sample of their wrapping paper when I was working on ScrapBook.

Sanna Annuka Notebooks
Notebooks of Sanna's from nineteenseventythree

Doodling and iPhone awesomeness

iPhone wallpaper by camiki - Doodlers Anonymous
iPhone wallpaper by camiki from Doodlers Anonymous

Oh iPhone, how I love thee…. and how I love Doodlers Anonymous too! I found these iPhone wallpapers on Doodlers, so if you would like one, please head over there and click on the genuine link, rather than the image above, or you might get more wallpaper than you bargained for. Camiki was one of their featured artists a little while back, and there’s a selection of her doodled wallpapers available for download. I might just try creating an iPhone wallpaper myself. What are the dimensions I wonder? It appears, from this Flickr group that it might be 320×480. And there’s another Flickr group for Doodlers Anonymous too, while you’re there.

New sites (well, to me, anyway)

Stephen Chan's 'Little Escher's building blocks'

Every so often in my internet excursions I stumble across a new site that is awesome! Just so with patternsforcolouring. The site contains really good quality black and white vector patterns that you can download and print to colour in – how cool! I’m not really one for colouring myself, but I love the idea and the motivation behind this site. I came across it via bloodsweatvector – which is also new to me. This featured the above pattern by Stephen Chan. For those who know Bristol in the UK, I think that the architect of Cabot Circus must have been a fan of Escher. The first time I visited I found the arrangement of the levels so confusing that it reminded me of the Escher drawing where you appear to be going down but always come back to the same point. Or maybe it’s just me. 🙂

Hello Naomi cupcakes

Naomi's pacman cupcakes - how cool!

I was on a little excursion in webland just now and came across these superb cupcakes from Hello Naomi. Aren’t they fantastic? Just when you thought you’d seen every permutation of cupcake decoration something original comes along. There are some bigger pictures of other designs on Naomi’s Flickr account. It’s a shame she’s in Australia – I don’t think they’d survive the journey across the globe to me! Oh, and one quirky fact I discovered – she’s a robot programming computer engineer turned baker and cake decorator. There’s a career change for you!

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan
First Morning Of Spring (Yellow and Brown)

I had a quick look in Bloomsbury this morning, and it reminded me that I had been drooling over the work of Rob Ryan earlier this week. To think that (I think some, not all) these are papercuts is astounding! I didn’t realise he had an Etsy shop either.

Irina Vinnik

These pen and ink drawings are all done in her moleskine notebook

This comes via Design Shard. There are some beautiful pen and ink drawings from Irina Vinnik  on this post – just the kind of thing I aspire to! Irina also has her own site and blog, although the blog is in Russian, so you might need a little help from Google Translate for that one!