We went on a family outing to the museum on Sunday, drawn by the promise of children’s activities in honour of Albert the Gorilla’s birthday. I must say that the place wasn’t the greatest source of inspiration, but I was excited by these leaflets that they had for the children, which were beautifully illustrated inside and out. This is one of three that I brought home, and I tried to find out who had illustrated them. The only clue I could find was ‘Mr.Ned’ written on the side of one of them. When I Googled ‘Mr.Ned’, the only result that seemed relevant was a link to the blog of Mr.Ned Selby, who describes himself as a ‘Purveyor of Graphic Things’. There didn’t seem to be many examples of work that looked like these illustrations though, only some hand-drawn type, which looked like a match. So, Mr.Ned, whoever you are, these look good to me.

Illustrated children's guide to Bristol Museum

One thought on “Mr.Ned

  1. I googled myself to try and see if my new website had surfaced on search engines. Alas! no. But I did find this relic on your blog. Thank you for your kind words… I am Mr Ned.

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