Oh Sanna!

Sanna Annukka Marimekko
Some of the products that Sanna has designed for Marimekko

I’ve been a fan of Marimekko for a while, but I hadn’t quite twigged that one of their designers was Sanna Annukka. There was a post about her on print and pattern today, which showed some biscuit tins she had designed for M and S. Now there’s a good thing if ever I heard it. Biscuits from M and S and a wonderful bit of packaging to boot. I looked up her website, and, to coin a phrase from my friend, it kinda made me cry a little bit, it was so wonderful! There was just something about it that encouraged me, and made me feel that I could have a go at doing some illustrations too.

Here’s a colour pic as well, because I seem to have gone a bit overboard on the black and white lately! These notebooks are from nineteenseventythree, who I remember to be very friendly people, as they sent me a sample of their wrapping paper when I was working on ScrapBook.

Sanna Annuka Notebooks
Notebooks of Sanna's from nineteenseventythree

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