Happy camper digital page kit

Happy Camper digital page kit
Happy Camper digital page kit

As promised, here is the digital scrapbooking page kit I made up after producing the Happy Camper scrapbook page. There’s loads of juicy stuff in here – 12 inch page templates, borders, seamless pattern tiles, swatches, and some cool camping pictures. Note special *woodgrain* pattern tile which I love! There are instructions in the file package for how to upload the pattern tiles into common imaging software, so that you can create a variety of shapes with that pattern fill. If you want anything filled with a woodgrain pattern, look no further! It is available from my Etsy shop.


Collection a Day

Vintage packaging design from Collection A Day 2010

And now for something inspirational from my blog wanderings. This image comes courtesy of collectionaday2010, and, as its name suggests, this blog documents a collection of articles for each day of the year. Lisa Congdon is the curator of these items, and she occasionally draws one of the collections too, which makes it all the more charming. There’s a a lot of design inspiration to be had from these. Incidentally, Uppercase are producing a book of these collections which should be released early next year. I’ve just had a quick peek at the Uppercase site and they have some LUSH books coming up, this one included.

Lisa is talented artist and illustrator too; see below for one of my favourite patterns from her portfolio.

home - lisacongdon.com
Home by Lisa Congdon

Happy Camper

Happy Camper Scrapbook Page
Happy Camper Scrapbook Page

Here is what I did with the happy camper theme from Kuler. See my previous post on Kuler for more info. The whole page, and not just the colour scheme was inspired by the home page of the website minimoderns.com.


The photo was one that my dad had scanned in from some old slides. He gave me a large collection of them recently, and they are a joy to look at. There are some to laugh over and some to cry over, and they bring back so many memories. Be encouraged, scrapbookers and those who try and maintain a photographic record! This is why you are doing what you do, because one day, if not already, it will mean a lot to someone.

As far as this page goes, I thought it was about time I featured for a change! This photo also fitted with the colour and subject matter that I was going for when I saw the minimoderns website. It is ages since I have done a completely digital scrapbook page. It was all I used to do a while back, and then after working on ScrapBook inspirations (the mag), I rediscovered a love for paper again.

On this page I have used a couple of bits and pieces from the digital designs I have put on Etsy. The scalloped border along the top is from the lace and borders package, and the two black and white scalloped frames are from the frames package. The criss-cross pattern as a background on the light blue colour is part of the patterns and overlays collection. All the other bits and pieces I created as I went along, and I’m in the process of pulling them together to make a page package on the camping theme. I had such fun doing it! All I need to do now is create a front page package sheet for it and upload to Etsy, but I’m away from my own computer this week, so it will probably happen at the weekend. Stay tuned – I’ll post the details of that when I’ve uploaded it.

For now, a sneak peak of one of my favourite bits – part of a border I made up with a few of the camping illustrations I’ve drawn:

Happy Camper Border
Happy Camper Border


kuler theme
Screenshot of kuler theme page

Kuler is a neat online colour palette tool that’s a lot of fun and a useful starting point for a lot of projects. You can view themes – a collection of colours – that other users have created, and if you register you can create and save your own. The colour values page (see below) enables you to tweak the colours in an existing theme, or create your own from scratch using different colour theories or by uploading an image.

Kuler colour page
Kuler colour values page

I particularly like the option to create your own theme by picking the colours from an image. To create the theme shown in the screenshots I uploaded a screenshot of a website I liked – minimoderns.com. I saved it as a public theme called ‘happy camper‘, which you can view by clicking on the link. You can also download the theme as an Adobe Swatch Exchange file for use in Adobe Creative Suite Software.

Hanna Ruusulampi

Hanna Ruusulampi
Hanna Ruusulampi

I came across Hanna Ruusulampi via Illustration Friday. She has work in a variety of styles, but the patterns really drew me – she’s done some fabric designs. I think her website is stunning – a great example of a portfolio site with excellent design. It’s simple and the design doesn’t get in the way, but it’s very stylish too. There’s a screenshot below, but you need to go and have a look for the full effect.

Ruusulampi.fi screenshot
Screenshot of Ruusulampi.fi

Christina Song

Village by Christina Song
Village by Christina Song

Now people, I am trying hard not to make my posts a carbon copy of things featured on print and pattern. But seeing as I could quite happily post everything that is on print and pattern, this is quite difficult, but then we don’t really need two print and patterns, do we? So for the most part I resist posting what I see on there, or I do a bit of digging around based on something I’ve seen on there first.

Here, however is a lady with a lovely name that was featured on print and pattern a few days ago. I was taken not only by her name but by the beautiful whimsical quality of her illustrations. It was also interesting to see some photos which hinted at her creative process on her blog. Christina obviously goes in for a bit of cut and paste, and I like cut and paste – I think it brings out the child in me!