2 thoughts on “My new satchel with prettification

  1. Hi cara, i have just started crocheting,always been a card maker,but wanted to teach my old brain something new. I have got the simply crochet mags,and in number three there is a pattern for a flower corsage page 85 which is DIVINE, its one of yours, I want to make it for my daughter for easter,but I just cant figure it out ( newbie brain) i know this is a real long shot but I thought I would ask anyway 🙂 could I ask you to explain round 3 to me, i have the 5 spaces created by the chain loops,so then I make the 6th chain yes ? then WHERE do the 6dc go ? the instructions are not clear to me, and the photo doesnt help me visualise how it should look as I make it, the asterics in round 4 seem to be in funny places too booo hoo I am so struggling, I love your work, love from barbara

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