Birth announcements!

Adam's birth announcementsBefore anyone wonders, I’m not announcing any births of my own! I’ve recently completed a picture for one of my nephews – a bit belatedly as you will see! I originally made one for both of my nieces (twins), when they were born nearly 3 years ago, and Adam is their elder brother. I hadn’t done one for Adam, and my sister-in-law asked me if I could complete the set, hence why it is so late after the event. It had to go with the other two I had done, and I also had a bit of a brief for this one, as Adam is now old enough to have developed some interests of his own. It had to include trains, bunnies, maps and possibly pipes. Pipes? Yes, plumbing-type pipes. I didn’t ask, but you know how young children can be sometimes ;-). This was a bit of a challenge, but I managed three out of the four. My No.1 son also contributed to this. He drew his own bunny picture – you can see him hiding behind the bush. The reason he is hiding behind the bush is because he was holding an orange carrot, and as orange did not exactly go with the colour scheme, the carrot had to be hidden somewhere…

The other two for Amy and Megan are below. These will be forever associated in my mind with the fact that I fell and broke my wrist on the way to collect them from the printer’s. No such mishaps this time fortunately!

Amy's birth announcement


Megan's birth announcement

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