Hedgehog and friends

Well, Part 2 was a little longer coming than I had hoped for, but better late than never! I posted a pattern for a Hedgehog purse last week, based on the pattern I had used in Simply Crochet magazine. This was for the basic hedgehog, but I thought it would be fun to come up with a few alternatives. Here is girly hedgehog, complete with fetching ribbon and bow:

Hedgehog girlAnd this is Grandpa hedgehog, with two brass curtain rings for spectacles:

Grandpa hedgehog

I used some Gold DMC embroidery thread – all six strands, and worked some double crochet stitches half way around one ring, a few chain stitches and then the same in the other ring. A bit of red felt gives him a bow tie.

I also had an idea that the flap for the purse could be used as a flap for a pocket, say on a child’s garment. And it would be easy to turn the purse into a slightly bigger bag by attaching a longer chain and double crochet cord on the top:

Hedgehog pocketIf you were using the button loop method of fastening you’d have to remember to attach the button to the pocket, and put a loop on the end of the hedgehog’s nose. TTFN!

Hedgehog quartet

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