screenshot of the Isometric ipad app My Mum tells me that when I was a baby I used to stare at the patterns on ladies’ dresses (well, it was the 70’s, so they were probably way out there, and either orange or brown!) So when I discovered the isometric ipad app just before Christmas, I was in my element. Isometric paper is that grid paper that’s ruled into equilateral triangles. All the lines are at 60 degrees from one another (I think…), and you can draw pictures on it that look like they are in perspective. The isometric app lets you draw with diamond shapes that snap to one another to align perfectly, and they automatically change colour depending on the orientation of the diamond. The image above is made with diamonds in one orientation only, but you can see some other examples of the 3D effects possible on their ‘Made with Isometric’ Tumblr feed.

While I was playing around and creating my own patterns, it occurred to me that the app would be a great resource for designing quilting patterns, and would also work with crochet motifs. I’ve recently finished a project made from equilateral triangle motifs in different colours, and I was really pleased with the result. The next step was to try working with diamonds in the same way. First I had to find a regular diamond motif, that was as near as possible to two equilateral triangles joined together. There’s probably a correct mathematical name for this – the Isometric app page mentions ‘rhombus’?? After a bit of diligent Pinterest-ing I came up with the following motif from a Red Heart Yarn pattern called ‘Prairie Star’. I have tweaked it a bit from the original, as I’m not using the same number of rounds in each motif, and I’ve changed the points slightly to make them more ‘pointy’. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to cope with making anything very large from separate motifs, so I chose to make each motif smaller so that they were in proportion to the finished piece. Here is one of the motifs worked in DMC Petra 3:

diamond crochet motifI chose the colours from a selection I already had in my stash, although I have ordered a couple of greys that I am hoping to add to the mix when they arrive. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to add to my colour palette of DMC Petra – I love working with this yarn for the colours available! Initially I thought I would arrange them like the ‘3D cube effect’ that I had seen on the Isometric app, but when I laid them out, I preferred them all aligned in one direction, as in the image below. group of diamond crochet motifs I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet, although probably an accessory of some kind, because I know I will get bored with making too many motifs! I’ll let you know how it goes….

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