Not a Slip Knot

The join of a round isn’t always the neatest part of a crochet motif is it? There’s the turning ch, and the join at the end of the round, which can make it a bit irregular and lumpy.

Here’s one way of starting a round with a new colour which is great for motifs. Instead of a slip knot, the yarn is twisted around the hook, so that you can make use of a ‘standing start’. A standing start can be used for all stitches that are taller than a double crochet (US single crochet). Instead of joining a new colour in the top of the stitches of the previous round and working a turning chain, you can just start with a regular stitch worked into the stitch or space where it is needed.

This will only work where you’re joining in a new colour, or starting with a new piece of yarn and the first stitch of the round is a taller stitch. It does away with the turning chain, and with the slip knot at the start of the round; that’s two fewer lumpy bits!



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