About me

Portrait photo of Cara Medus wearing a crochet top she designed!

What do I love about crochet? I love the fact that it’s easy to experiment and come up with new shapes and patterns. I love the colour combinations in motifs and that it’s great for making fun stuff like toys. I like that it’s so versatile, and that I can carry a hook and yarn with me to keep me occupied.

I started crocheting seriously about 7 years ago. I have always loved making things, and as an older child and teenager had make-it projects on the go all the time. I dabbled in all sorts of crafts, and I remember knitting being one of them, but I didn’t do much crochet at that time. When I took it up 7 years ago, I was working on a craft mag, Scrapbook Inspirations. At the time, scrapbooking was my hobby and it became my work. Although I still enjoyed it, I was looking for something else creative which wasn’t so work-related. I enjoyed crochet particularly because my boys were young, and I could collapse in an armchair in the evening and crochet without having to get much crafting kit out and hide myself away in another room at a table.

One thing led to another and now crochet has ended up as my work too! I’m currently working as Technical Assistant on Simply Crochet magazine. I spend my time checking other people’s patterns, trying to make sure that readers can understand the technical information in the magazine and doing a little bit of project designing. I do like a well-written pattern, and I have a very geeky love of charts and spreadsheets! Most of my time at the moment is taken up with pattern checking, and so blogging gives me a creative outlet and the chance to design, which is my first love.

I live in Bristol, UK, with three wonderful guys; two of them my sons, and the other my husband! When I’m not crocheting I enjoy cooking, baking, eating cake and drinking coffee.

The question is, what other creative hobby am I going to take up now that crochet has become my work? Well there’s nothing as yet….

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoy your visit 🙂