Free-Bee square

Here’s a lovely little free-bee! The pattern for this sweet honey bee square is below. It’s easy to make, just work in double crochet (US Single crochet) following the chart for the colour changes, with back stitch lines to give a bit of definition afterwards. It would make an eye-catching feature square as part of a larger blanket, or use the motif on a cushion.

You will need

  • Scheepjes Catona (100% cotton, 50g/125m)
  • 1 ball of each:
  • Yarn A Saffron (249)
  • Yarn B Chocolate (507)
  • Yarn C Lemonade (403)
  • Yarn D Linen (505)
  • A 3mm (US C/2 or D/3) hook


15cm (6in) square


On the Chart, each square represents 1dc stitch, and the bold lines represent back stitch worked afterwards. Read all RS rows from right to left and WS rows from left to right. When changing colours, change in the last yrh of the previous st and twist the yarn ends together to avoid holes forming.


Using Yarn A, ch34.
Row 1 (RS) Dc in second ch from hook and in each ch to end, turn. [33 sts]
Row 2 Ch1 (does not count as st), dc in each st to end, turn.
Rows 3-36 Cont working each row as Row 2, following Chart for the colour changes.
Fasten off and weave ends.
Using Yarn B, work back stitches using the stitches as a grid, following the lines on the Chart.

Using Yarn C, join in top edge, in third st from right.
Round 1 (RS) (Tr in st 2 rows below, dc in next st) repeat to last st of top row, 3dc in last st. Tr in same point as previous tr, dc in next st. Cont working (tr, dc) as before, so that the tr sts are in line with the first tr worked on this side. You may have to adjust the number of sts when you reach the corners so that the tr sts at the corners line up as closely as possible. Cont in same fashion around, working 3dc in each corner, ss to first st.
Fasten off and weave in ends.


Making Betty 1: crocheting legs

This is the first in a series of tutorials to help with crocheting Betty, the star of my book Amigurumi Style Crochet. Betty is a super-stylish lady with a wardrobe of vintage-style outfits and accessories to crochet. There are also patterns for her cute companion Bert, who has his a few things of his own to wear!

In this tutorial we’ll be looking in detail at Betty’s legs, ha ha! There are tips on how to make the ankle join, and how to do the leg shaping.

For further tutorials in the Betty series, see the playlist.

Buy the book:
From Amazon
Direct from the publisher, White Owl Books

Tassel bobbles Tutorial

Bobble Edging

Tassel Bobbles, I hear you cry, what are they? I just didn’t want to call them hanging bobbles, but that’s what they are 😉 . I used them for the Sunburst Poncho published in Scheepjes Yarn 9 bookazine, but of course they could be adapted to other purposes too. I like them because they’re a bit more substantial, like a pompom, and who doesn’t like a pompom? Maybe Pompom Bobbles would be a better name!

Bohemian Bralette

This stunning little number is full of fun and popular on Ravelry right now! It is featured in the Scheepjes Yarn 9 Bookazine, Now Age. It laces up at the back, making it a fantastic fit, and has lovely detailing on the front with surface crochet and a multicoloured shell-stitch band. Good for a quick festival make, the tassels finish it off perfectly. Scheepjes Bamboo Soft is the perfect yarn for this, making it a cool and comfortable summer top.

Crochet House

Home Sweet Home? We’ve all spent a lot of time in our houses recently, so I thought it was only right to commemorate lockdown with a little house. He’s a wee squidgy one, this house, and I had fun trying out a bit of shaping by sewing long stitches through the centre of the house to draw in the sides and give it ‘dimples’. I was pleased with the effect – and it is much easier to work a standard rectangle shape for the house and round the edges off afterwards.


•  Scheepjes Catona (100% cotton, 50g/125m) 1 ball of each Linen (505), Soft Rose (409), Candy Apple (516)

•  Small amounts of Lilac Mist (399), Chocolate (507)

•  Toy Stuffing

•  A 3.5mm (US E/4) hook


House measures approx 8x13cm 


UK terms used throughout. For US terms substitute sc for dc 

Abbreviations list

 Invdec (Insert hook in front loop only of next st) twice, (yrh and draw yarn through 2 loops) twice. [decrease by 1 stitch]


The Front and Back of the House are identical, and sewn to the Sides and Base strip. Other pieces are made separately and sewn on


Row 1 (RS) Dc in second ch from hook and in each ch to end, turn. [14 sts]
Rows 2-16 Ch1 (does not count as st throughout), dc in each st to end, turn. 
Row 17 Ch1, invdec, dc in each st to last 2 sts, invdec, turn. [12 sts]
Rows 18-21 Repeat last row 4 more times. [4 sts]
Row 22 (Invdec) twice. [2 sts]
Fasten off.

Sides and base

With Linen,  ch43.
Row 1 (RS) Dc in second ch from hook and in each ch to end, turn. [42 sts]
Rows 2-4 Ch1, dc in each st to end, turn.
Fasten off.
Sew the long side of this piece to the square side, base and other side of the Front, leaving the roof section open. Sew the Back to the opposite edge of this piece.


With Candy Apple, ch26.
Row 1 (RS) Dc in second ch from hook and in each ch to end, turn. [24 sts]
Rows 2-4 Ch1, dc in each st to end, turn.
Row 5 Skip first st, 5htr in next st, ss in next 2 sts. (5htr in next st, ss in next 2 sts) 6 times, 5htr in next st, ss in last st and along short edge of Roof to position yarn at beginning of other side of foundation ch. Repeat Row 5 along other side of foundation ch, fasten off leaving a long tail.

Use tail fo yarn to sew Roof to pitched edge of Front and Back, leaving a gap for stuffing. Sew along the inside edge of the Roof in line with the top of the fourth row and the foundation ch on the other side, so that the scalloped edge overhangs the edge of the House. The two sides of the Roof will also overhang the sides. Stuff the House before completing the seam.

Secure a long piece of Linen on one side of the House in the centre and push a needle through the stuffed piece to the opposite side to sew a straight stitch through the centre of the House, anchoring it on the other side to pull the two sides in. Secure this stitch with an extra small stitch, and then push the needle through to the centre of the base and repeat to pull the centre base of the House in. Fasten off securely.


With Candy Apple, ch5.
Row 1 (RS) Dc in second ch from hook and in each ch to end, turn.
Rows 2-7 Ch1, dc in each ch to end, turn.
Fasten off leaving a long tail.

Fold one side of this piece over slightly and sew in position with a few small stitches to make the thicker top edge of the chimney. Roll the piece up with the thicker edge at the top and sew together at the join. Sew in position on the Roof.


With Lilac Mist, make a magic loop.
Round 1 (RS) Ch1 (does not count as st throughout), 6dc into loop. [6 sts]
Round 2 2dc in each st around. [12 sts]
Round 3 12dc.
Round 4 (2dc, invdec) 3 times. [9 sts]
Round 5 (1dc, invdec) 3 times. [6 sts]
Round 6 Invdec and fasten off leaving a long tail.

Weave the tail through the remaining sts and pull closed. Secure the yarn but do not cut the yarn tail short.
Sew the Smoke into the end of the Chimney.


NB This is not the same Heart pattern as the one in the image – this one is a bit tidier!

With Soft Rose, ch8.

Round 1 (RS) Dc in second ch from hook and next 2 ch, 3dc in next ch, dc in next 2 ch, 5dc in next ch, dc5tog over next 5 ch, 4dc in next ch, cont to next round without closing round with a ss. [18 sts]
Round 2 4dc, 3dc in next st, 4dc, (2dc in next st, dc in next st) twice, ss in next st, (dc in next st, 2dc in next st) twice. [24 sts inc ss]
Round 3 5dc, 3dc in next st, 6dc, 2dc in next st, 2dc, 2dc in next st, insert hook in next 3 sts at the same time and draw yarn through to make a ss, 2dc in next st, 2dc, 2dc in next st, dc in next st. [28 sts inc ss]
Round 4 6dc, 3dc in next st, 8dc, 2dc in next st, 2dc, 2dc in next st, ss in next 3 sts, 2dc in next st, 2dc, 2dc in next st, 2dc. [34 sts]
Round 5 7dc, 3dc in next st, 8dc, 2dc in next st, 3dc, 2dc in next st, 2dc, 3ss, 2dc, 2dc in next st, 3dc, 2dc in next st, 1dc, ss in next st, fasten off leaving long tail. [41 sts inc ss]
Use the long tail to sew the Heart to the front of the House, leaving a gap before completing the seam to insert a little stuffing. Complete seam and fasten off.

To Finish

With Chocolate, sew a large cross stitch on the top front of the House, using the image as a guide.
Secure Candy Apple on the centre top of the Roof, ch30, ss in base of ch and fasten off leaving a long tail. Secure the tail end at the base of the ch, then sew a stitch through the peak of the Roof, about 1cm away from the centre top on each side to pull the top of the Roof together for a more defined point. 
Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Amigurumi Style Crochet

Well here it is! The cover of my new book!

Published 1 Aug by White Owl Books, it’s already been described as a ‘crafter’s delight’ by Publisher’s Weekly.

Betty is an amigurumi crochet doll with lots of vintage-style outfits and accessories. She has a cat called Bert who is not short on style either. From handbags to hairdos, Betty has it all, so you can lose yourself for a while playing dress-up with the aid of your crochet hook and a bit of lovely Scheepjes Catona yarn.

There’s loads of charts and diagrams, and options for taking shortcuts if you need them. Coming soon, there will be some tutorial videos for the making of Betty and Bert here on my website.

Intrigued? You can pre-order now from Amazon.