kuler theme
Screenshot of kuler theme page

Kuler is a neat online colour palette tool that’s a lot of fun and a useful starting point for a lot of projects. You can view themes – a collection of colours – that other users have created, and if you register you can create and save your own. The colour values page (see below) enables you to tweak the colours in an existing theme, or create your own from scratch using different colour theories or by uploading an image.

Kuler colour page
Kuler colour values page

I particularly like the option to create your own theme by picking the colours from an image. To create the theme shown in the screenshots I uploaded a screenshot of a website I liked – minimoderns.com. I saved it as a public theme called ‘happy camper‘, which you can view by clicking on the link. You can also download the theme as an Adobe Swatch Exchange file for use in Adobe Creative Suite Software.

Doodling and iPhone awesomeness

iPhone wallpaper by camiki - Doodlers Anonymous
iPhone wallpaper by camiki from Doodlers Anonymous

Oh iPhone, how I love thee…. and how I love Doodlers Anonymous too! I found these iPhone wallpapers on Doodlers, so if you would like one, please head over there and click on the genuine link, rather than the image above, or you might get more wallpaper than you bargained for. Camiki was one of their featured artists a little while back, and there’s a selection of her doodled wallpapers available for download. I might just try creating an iPhone wallpaper myself. What are the dimensions I wonder? It appears, from this Flickr group that it might be 320×480. And there’s another Flickr group for Doodlers Anonymous too, while you’re there.

Hello Naomi cupcakes

Naomi's pacman cupcakes - how cool!

I was on a little excursion in webland just now and came across these superb cupcakes from Hello Naomi. Aren’t they fantastic? Just when you thought you’d seen every permutation of cupcake decoration something original comes along. There are some bigger pictures of other designs on Naomi’s Flickr account. It’s a shame she’s in Australia – I don’t think they’d survive the journey across the globe to me! Oh, and one quirky fact I discovered – she’s a robot programming computer engineer turned baker and cake decorator. There’s a career change for you!

A beauty!

Red Cauli
Er, the ones in flower arrangements aren't usually this big..

This definitely comes under the category of ‘Random Stuff”. I’ve seen these in flower arrangements before, but this is the first time we’ve had one in our veg sack to eat. And yes, there’s a Flickr pool for beautiful vegetables.