Garment Types Summary

Have a look at the Garment Summary sheet. It lists the critical measurements in the first column, and each type of garment construction in the next four columns – ignore the final column for the moment.

You can use this to make notes on any information you have learnt about the different measurements in relation to the type of construction. I’ve already filled in some information about the Bust measurement as an example, so you can see that on a dropped shoulder construction, the Bust must be loose, and on a yoke/raglan garment, the Bust measurement is also linked to the armhole depth, neckline and upper arm circumference. On a Dolman-style garment, the Bust itself is usually oversized, but is critical in that the bottom opening of the garment must be able to fit over the bust in order for you to be able to get the garment on!

Some of the boxes won’t be relevant and I’ve blanked those out with ‘N/A’. There won’t necessarily be something to fill every box, so don’t try too hard! Just use this as an aid to jog your memory.

You can ask yourself the following questions as prompts:

– Which are the most important measurements for this type of garment? You could highlight them in some way on the sheet.

– Is this measurement linked to or dependent on any of the other critical meas? Which ones?