Obtaining Critical Measurements Task

The task for the Set-in Sleeve Construction part of this unit falls into three parts. The first part is this task on Obtaining Critical Measurements, the second part is on Working with Target Measurements and the final part is on Drafting a Shaping Section. The calculations build towards the third part, which is the part you will submit. If you want to self-check your calculations for the first two parts then there are spreadsheets to download that will do the calculations for you. I trust you not to cheat 😉. Your final goal is to use a spreadsheet for these calculations, but in order to learn and reinforce the methods it helps to do them manually first – honest!

Download the Obtaining Critical Measurements Task sheet. Ideally you will need a handmade set-in sleeve garment to measure, but if you don’t have one available, use either a manufactured set-in sleeve or the schematic given on the sheet.

Once you’ve got these figures, convert them to stitch or row counts as appropriate for making a garment that’s worked from bottom up, using the tension shown on the sheet.

If you want to check the measurements you’ve put in this table, download this spreadsheet and enter your figures in the ‘Meas’ column.