Garment Summary Activity

In the previous unit we completed the following sheet which identified the most critical measurements of each garment type and how they related to one another.

The task for this unit is intended to identify which critical garment measurements are related to which sizing table body measurements. In most cases it’s obvious, but some you have to check more carefully and understand how the body meas from the sizing table translates into a garment meas.

Have a go at filling in the first column in this second sheet using the sizing table, to relate each critical garment meas to a labelled range of body meas on the sizing table.

I’d also like you to look at how much each set of body measurements varies over a certain range. This is critical to understanding grading. The range I’d like you to look at is given in the highlighted cell at the top of the table. The Bust one is filled in for you, as it changes by approx 5cm for each grade. Note that the CYC table combines two of these 5cm grades in one column of the table, but in the UK at least we often divide the grades into ones which are 5cm apart.

You can make notes in the final column labelled ‘Ease’ after you’ve done the next presentation and task on Ease and Fit. Later on I’ll link to a completed sheet which combines the one from the previous unit and this one, to use as a reference, so don’t worry too much if you don’t know what to put here, and there’s no need to submit the sheet that you complete.