Grading Task

So far you have come up with Target Meas and Adjusted Stitch Counts for one grade only. In this task, I’m giving you a set of Target Meas for one grade, and I’d like you to come up with the meas for four other grades.

Start with the Bust meas, and determine how much ease there is at the highest end of the range on this meas. Use this amount of ease on all your other grades and fill in the Bust figures for each.

Take each of the other critical meas in turn. For example, start with the Armhole Depth and fill in all the figures for Armhole Depth across the range.

There are two ways of approaching this:

1) You can use a sizing table and refer back to the Armhole Depth of the given grade, and see how much the garment meas differs from the sizing table meas. You can then refer to the Armhole Depth on the sizing table for each of the other ‘to fit’ ranges you have, and come up with a suitable figure that is relative to the sizing table meas but differs by a similar amount to the given grade.

2) You can look on the sizing table and your Garment Summary Sheet to find out how much each critical meas varies grade by grade. If you do this, remember to take account of the gaps between grades. The Garment Summary Sheet is written with gaps of 5cm between grades, and for this task we have ‘doubled up’ grades with gaps of 10cm between each, so you will need to double up the figures in the ‘Inc per 5cm’ column.

You can also look on the sizing table at how much the meas varies over the total size range you are grading for. If for example Armhole Depth varies by 10cm over the range, make your figure for the largest grade 10cm higher than the given grade, and put the other figures at evenly spaced intervals between.


Complete the table on the attached sheet. I’ve listed the ‘girth’ measurements first. These are the ones that need ease applying, so they will differ from the body meas in the sizing table. Length meas are not so critical for fit, but they should more closely match the body meas, as they don’t need ‘ease’ in the same way.

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