Investigating Ease Task

You should have either a garment that you measured or the schematic that you used in the previous unit. The schematic is here if you can’t lay your hands on it!

For EITHER your handmade garment or the schematic, I’d like you to compare the garment measurements with the body measurements for the appropriate Bust size from the sizing table to determine how much ease has been added to each measurement. Download and complete the following table.


  • What do the ease figures tell you about the nature of the fit of the garment, and where has most ease been applied?
  • Did the sizing table measurements tally with the garment measurements or were there any which were out of place? If there were there could be several reasons for this – variations in sizing data used to produce the garment, the accuracy/quality/type of the fit of the garment…
  • Does the thickness of the fabric affect the amount of ease that should be applied to your garment? Is it an ‘over garment’ that needs more ease to allow for layering?

Submit your completed Ease Investigation table and any notes that you’ve made in answer to the above questions using the button below

Go back and fill in the ‘Ease’ column on the Garment Summary sheet.