I’m currently running courses for would-be crochet technical editors, designers and anyone who wants to brush up on their pattern-writing skills.

The course is divided into two halves:

The Pattern Writing part is at an introductory level, and introduces the foundations of good pattern writing, writing for the reader, consistency style and accuracy, writing good prose instructions and dealing with charts and diagrams. This course would be suitable for anyone who is interested in crochet technical editing, and also designers who are looking to publish their own patterns to a professional standard.

Garments and Grading is intended for more advanced crocheters with an interest in learning more about garment design, and technical editors with some experience who want to be able to check garments.

Course Format

Each half of the course is divided into units, and each unit includes a mixture of presentations, resources for future reference, and assignments. Studying is done in your own time and at your own pace. Once you’ve completed the assignments, I will give you written feedback, and a 1-1 video session to discuss your learning for that unit. See the pages on the Pattern Writing half of the course and the Garments and Grading half of the course for more details. It’s all very flexible and individually tailored, so I can adapt the content depending on your interests.

Please contact me if you’d like any further information.