Garment Construction

I’ve given this course the title ‘garment construction’, because it covers the technical, rather than the artistic and materials side of garment design. It goes into the ways in which the main garment types are constructed, and the critical measurements that you will need for each. It also covers skills that you will need to size and grade a garment pattern accurately, and how to convert your measurements and shaping into a pattern.

It will be of interest to beginner designers who need a grounding in the conventions of garment construction as well as existing designers who want to brush up on their technical knowledge. This course forms part of the Intermediate Level Technical Editing course, as it is necessary background information for editing garment patterns.

Ideally, you will already be an experienced crocheter who has made a variety of garment types by following a pattern.

The resource materials will be the same whether you are taking the course as a designer or a tech-editor, but the practical assignments will differ according to your interest.

This is made up of 4 course units:

  1. Garment Construction and Critical Measurements
  2. Sizing and Grading
  3. Garment shaping and pattern drafting
  4. Garment pattern essentials