Pattern Writing

You’re a budding designer that is thinking about preparing patterns for publication, or you’re already submitting designs to publishers and want to improve your reputation as a quality contributor. This course is designed to improve your pattern writing skills, and give you an awareness of the production process to inform your pattern writing decisions.

This is made up of 3 course units:

1. Introduction to Pattern Writing

  • Pattern standards, UK and US variations
  • Writing according to a certain pattern style
  • The basic principles for good pattern writing
  • An awareness of the reader in terms of skill levels, expectations and learning styles
  • Identifying areas for improvement in your own/others’ pattern writing
  • Understanding and using conventional pattern structure
  • The importance of writing a pattern in conjunction with the pattern sample
  • Developing strategies to improve accuracy

2. Writing Stitch Pattern Instructions

  • Identifying and using standard features of a stitch pattern
  • Identifying and writing stitch pattern repeats and calculating multiples
  • Identifying and writing row pattern repeats
  • Choosing appropriate repeat formats and using them consistently
  • Strategies for condensing patterns and how to apply these appropriately

3. Charts, Photos and Diagrams

  • Judging the need for supplementary info like charts, photos and diagrams
  • Developing an awareness of how the pattern will appear when published, and the needs of the reader
  • How to present simple grid-type charts for colourwork, and the features required
  • How to present symbol charts, and the features required

The cost of £30 per unit is invoiced after each 1-1 session, so for 3 units the total is £90.

If you’d like more information please contact me, or fill in this questionnaire. Don’t worry, it’s not a test, but it will help me to adapt the training to your needs. The questionnaire is part of a pre-course unit on the Learning Management Software I use. You can access it without registering using the link above, but in order to record and submit the results you will need to create an account when prompted at the end of the end.